Children and Toothache – What to Do


Toothaches can be distressing for children, and it is not always easy for parents to determine the cause of the pain. Toothaches can occur for a variety of reasons, but the most common is tooth decay – so it is important to visit your paediatric dentist as soon as

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Children and Teeth Grinding – An Overview for Parents


Teeth grinding (bruxism) is one of the more common issues amongst children. Often the issue goes undetected until a paediatric dentist observes the symptoms during a routine check-up. The reasons why children grind their teeth are not well understood, but it is believed that stress, anxiety and nervous habits

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Interceptive Orthodontics In Children’s Dentistry


Early orthodontic treatment, known as Interceptive orthodontics or Phase I orthodontics is specifically for children whose mouths are still growing as it is only effective during this time.  At around ages six and seven, adult teeth typically begin to come in.  At this point, any orthodontic problems in the

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It’s Time For A War On Sugar


How Much Sugar Per Day? Humans are neurologically wired to seek out sugar. The brain treats the stuff as a reward mechanism and the release of serotonin is so pleasurable that we start to crave it again after initial consumption. Kids in particular are sensitive to any neurological stimulant,

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Caring for Your Teething Child


Teething generally occurs between 4 and 6 months of age, but it can start at any age. It’s exciting to watch your child’s teeth develop, but it can also be an uncomfortable experience for some children. To help you deal with the teething process, Specialist Kids Dentist has prepared

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Children’s Orthodontics – Tips for Caring for Braces


There often comes a time where children need to have braces in order to prevent any further complications with their teeth and ensure a straighter smile. It is generally recommended that children visit the orthodontist between 7 and 9 years of age, just after they have lost their baby

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