Kids have their whole life in front of them

It’s never too early to keep an eye on your child’s oral development. At Specialist Kids Dentist, we can identify malocclusion—crowded/crooked teeth or bite problems—and actively intervene to guide the teeth as they emerge in the mouth. Early orthodontic treatment can prevent more extensive treatment later.

Orthodontics can straighten crooked teeth, guide erupting teeth into position, and correct bite problems. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and less susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease.

Different orthodontic appliances work in different ways to benefit your child’s dental health. Some are fixed; others are removable. Our specialists will explain which appliance is best for your child, what the treatment can do, and how long it will take.

What is Orthodontics?

When describing orthodontics, most people just refer to braces. While the majority of orthodontic cases involve braces, there are alternatives that may be used for younger children. Arch expanders and training appliances for younger children can minimise or eliminate the need for braces when problems are treated early enough.

Braces are retainers, bonded brackets, arch wires and elastic bands that move crowded or spaced teeth into a “normal” position for appearance, prevention and function. Patients with poorly aligned teeth tend to have much more tooth decay, gum disease and jaw joint problems. Recently invented brackets and new techniques make orthodontic treatment faster and more comfortable than ever.

What are the Benefits of Orthodontics?

  • Reduce the risk of injury – prominent teeth are more prone to trauma
  • Reduce the risk of decay – crooked teeth are harder to clean
  • Reduce the risk of developing TMJ problems
  • Eliminate the excessive wear on your teeth that can be caused by a poorly aligned bite
  • Correcting abnormal tooth alignment can help prevent certain speech problems
  • Straight teeth provide a healthier, more attractive smile
  • A beautiful smile increases confidence and self-esteem

If my child has baby teeth, is he or she too young for orthodontic treatment?

Although there is a general misconception that orthodontics can only be started after all of the baby teeth fall out, the truth is that a lot more can be done if the child has his or her consultation earlier. Since the bones are not fully formed before puberty, it may be easier to expand the bones and prevent future crowding using orthodontic appliances. In fact, early detection of many malocclusions can be treated with orthodontics. There are new techniques that can correct problems early, while a child is still growing. This may eliminate the need for braces in the future, or if the child does still need braces, the treatment will be less complicated, usually shortening the period of time.

To find out if your child may need orthodontic treatment, contact us at SPECIALIST KIDS DENTIST or visit one of our offices in Liverpool or Summer Hill.