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During the dental exam, your child’s dentist may identify cavities. The digital x-rays used in our office, along with a tooth-by-tooth exam with a dental explorer (dental tool) can help uncover areas of decay. As long as the decay is not too large, the tooth can be restored with a simple composite filling.

Our composite resin is tooth-coloured for a strong bond and natural look. We can restore small to medium sized cavities, repair fractured teeth due to injury or trauma, improve imperfections in the smile, or even change the size and shape of the teeth.

Benefits of Composite Fillings Include:

  • Metal and mercury free
  • Natural tooth structure appearance
  • Create a strong bond with the teeth
  • Can restore teeth in a variety of ways

In the case that decay has destroyed a significant amount of your child’s tooth structure, or a broken tooth cannot be repaired by normal fillings, we also offer natural-looking tooth-coloured crowns.  Our Paediatric Dentists can discuss the best option for your child during your visit.

Does it hurt to get fillings?

After the initial process of making the child numb, the child no longer feels pain while getting a filling placed. Nevertheless, throughout the preparation process, the child may feel the cold water that is sprayed on the tooth and may also feel pressure. Overall, the process is completed fairly quickly and is mostly painless. After the filling is placed, it is common for some children to experience sensitivity on the tooth. This sensitivity could last up to two weeks, but it dies down with time.

How do you take care of composite, tooth coloured fillings?

After having the fillings placed, it is very important for children to maintain good oral habits by brushing and flossing two times a day. This way they can prevent recurrent decay from happening and can keep their fillings strong.

Do Not Delay to Fill Decay

Did you know tooth decay can actually spread from one tooth to another? When tooth decay is discovered, it is important to remove the cavity and fill in the area as soon as possible to prevent the decay from spreading and causing more damage.

For more information on white fillings and when to get them, contact us or visit our offices in Liverpool or Summer Hill.