Regular dental visits are important!

Specialist Kids Dentist generally recommend scheduling check ups every six to nine months. Depending on the circumstances of your child’s oral health, we may recommend more frequent visits (for example, if your child is more susceptible to cavities, or if your child is showing signs of orthodontic problems that need to be monitored).

We are always amazed at how much your child’s mouth can change in six months. Even children with apparently clean teeth who don’t seem to eat much sugar often develop small cavities. Since the “nerve” in baby teeth is only millimeters from the outside surface, the decay can often reach this critical area before anyone can visually see the cavity. As well as monitoring new changes in your child’s mouth, our Paediatric Dentists will also evaluate facial growth and development patterns of your child, note any tongue, lip, cheek or thumb habits that may influence the development of attractive teeth and determine if there is a need for any orthodontic treatment.

Regular checkups will allow our Paediatric Dentist:

1. To prevent wrong bites (malocclusions)

Regular dental checkups during ages 6-8 years are particularly important as your child will be experiencing major mouth transformation. They move from having baby teeth to having a mix of baby and adult teeth. The child will replace his 8 front teeth; the 4 upper and the 4 lower baby incisors with permanent incisors. Indeed, the eight new permanent incisors are much larger than the baby ones. This can create a lot of position problems as these new teeth may not have enough space for all of them to fit properly. Our Paediatric Dentist will therefore intercept these wrong positions in order to prevent malocclusions.

2. To prevent cavities

The 6-year-old molars arrive silently and often without pain, as they don’t replace any teeth. They are very prone to damage and children may not include these teeth (the teeth are too far back) in their brushing routine if they are not taught to do so.

When you visit our clinic, we will make parent and child aware of the new adult teeth as well as show them how to effectively clean and brush them. We may also advise application of preventive sealants and fluoride on these new teeth for protection.