Why is My Child Scared of the Dentist?


Dental fear and anxiety can be caused by trust issues, fear of the unknown and unfamiliar, fear of loss of control or a previous traumatic experience. Both children and adults can be affected by dental anxiety. 

How to deal with a child’s dental fear and anxiety 

Children with high dental fear require more time and they’re more difficult to treat. If not properly managed, each dental visit could become a stressful and unpleasant experience. 

As a result, it’s important that children receive the treatment from professionals who specialise in paediatric dentistry. These dentists know the proper approach in calming children and making each dental visit a positive experience. This appropriate and friendly approach is especially important when it’s the child’s first dental visit. The goal is to make it a positive experience so that children won’t be afraid to come back. 

Aside from a friendly approach, it’s also important that the dental clinic and office has a child-friendly environment. For example, an office with bright colours and child-appropriate decors can help children feel comfortable. Also, playing movies during the treatment can make children feel at ease and associate the dental visit with a positive emotion. This positive association might even help children look forward to their next dental visit. 

Dental care for children with special needs 

Here, let’s talk about dental care for children with autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other special conditions. 

A developmental disability or a healthcare issue can make dental treatment stressful and difficult for these children. It’s a special challenge that requires a respectful and careful approach. This way, children with special needs can still receive the proper dental care to protect their oral health. It’s especially the case with children who habitually chew and bite. These oral habits can alter their teeth’s position and cause discomfort or pain later on. It’s crucial to address those problems early on to protect their oral and overall health. 

If you want your child to receive proper dental care, contact us today. We specialise in paediatric dentistry and we always do our best to make children feel comfortable and safe during each visit. The Specialist Kids Dentist always provide proper dental care in the most careful and respectful manner.