When Should I Worry About My Child’s Teeth?


To be sure, bring your child to the dentist if you suspect your child’s teeth are rotting. Or, if teething is accompanied by diarrhoea, fever, rash and other symptoms, you should talk with your child’s doctor. 

More about teething 

The eruption of teeth through the gum line is called teething. This takes about 8 days and usually becomes an uncomfortable experience for children. 

To provide some comfort, you can do the following: 

  • Gently massage your child’s gum with clean fingers or using a soft wet cloth 
  • Use a medication for pain relief (paracetamol). But consult your child’s doctor first. 
  • Gently wipe away the drool from the chin area to reduce irritation 

Although baby teeth eventually fall out, you still have to help your child care for them. After all, these baby teeth help children chew their food properly and aid with their speaking. In addition, they reserve the spaces for future permanent teeth. 

At 12 months of age or within 6 months your baby’s first tooth came out, it’s recommended to take your child to the dentist. This is important in ensuring proper oral development and if there are bad oral habits, they can be addressed early on. 

About loss of baby teeth 

At around 6 years, your child’s baby teeth will start to become wobbly and fall out. This can also happen 2 years earlier or a bit later than 6 years. 

Although it’s a natural and inevitable process, it can still be uncomfortable and painful to children. To comfort your child, you can do the following: 

  • Keep reassuring your child that it’s all safe and natural 
  • Explain that new adult teeth will come out 
  • Ask your dentist about safe and appropriate medications for lessening the pain 
  • Tell your child about the Tooth Fairy (this makes tooth loss a less painful experience because of the reward, also distracts the child a bit from pain and loss) 

Your child’s oral health affects his/her overall development and childhood experience. It’s good to keep reassuring your child every step of the way and staying alert about oral problems that might arise. 

If you’re worried about your child’s oral health and you’re from Liverpool, Summer Hill or surrounds, contact us here at Specialist Kids Dentist. We will make your child’s dental visit a fun and positive experience.