What to Do When Your Child Has a Toothache 


First, your child might need immediate medical care. Call the dentist or doctor right away because the toothache might have already resulted in extreme pain or severe infection. Fever is also an alarming sign and you should also watch out for pus and red streaks near the site of the damaged tooth. 

How to know if your child has a toothache 

It might be the case that the toothache or pain is still mild. Here, it’s good to watch out for these signs: 

  • Your child constantly rubs the jaw or anything where teeth are positioned 
  • Your child is unusually irritable or doesn’t want to eat 
  • Your child wakes up randomly (toothache might be causing it) 

To somehow confirm if your child is experiencing a toothache, you have to check if your child has a fever or you feel something tender in your child’s jaw (immediate pain is also a common clear sign). 

The toothache might have been caused by any of the following: 

  • Tooth decay 
  • Tooth that’s starting to erupt 
  • Food debris or other objects that got stuck between teeth 
  • Chipped or cracked tooth 
  • Teething (causes more pressure and discomfort to the teeth) 

Care at home 

If it’s impossible to immediately take your child to the dentist, you can try the following for your child to experience some pain relief: 

  • Avoid giving your child hot or cold food or drinks 
  • Put ice or cold pack on the outside of your child’s cheek (where you suspect there’s pain) 
  • Have your child take an anti-inflammatory medicine (call the doctor or dentist first to ensure safety) 
  • Have your child brush with a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth (also ask the dentist first) 
  • Rinse your child’s mouth with a warm salt water solution every few hours (this can lighten the pain and swelling) 

It’s crucial to act right away to prevent worse problems and spare your child from extreme pain. To do that, you can call us here at Specialist Kids Dentist (02 9600 6848). We specialise in paediatric dentistry.