How Often Should a Child See a Dentist? 


On the children’s first birthday or once their first tooth emerges, they should visit the dentist (and every six months after that). This helps ensure proper oral development as well as prevent or address bad oral habits (e.g. thumb sucking, nail biting). 

Preparing children for their first dental visit 

First, choose a professional who specialises in paediatric dentistry. Paediatric dentists have further education and skills in the following: 

  • Child development and behaviour 
  • Development of the initial teeth 
  • Working with children who have special needs 



Also, clinics that specialise in paediatric dentistry have a fun and friendly environment. This will help your child feel safe and comfortable during the visit, oral exam and gentle teeth cleaning. 

Your child’s first dental visit may last up to 45 minutes. This first visit might include:

  • Full examination of your child’s teeth, bite, gums, jaw and oral tissues 
  • Gentle cleaning of the teeth to remove any stains, plaque and tartar 

Second and next visits could be once every 6 months. Others do it more often such as once every 3 months. This is to watch closely the child’s oral development as well as make the child feel more comfortable. 

To help your child feel comfortable and make dental visits a positive experience, here are some tips: 

  • Schedule a morning appointment (so your child is still fresh and in a good mood) 
  • If possible, arrange a tour of the clinic a day before the actual dental check-up (so your child will get familiar and feel comfortable with the clinic and dentist first) 
  • Explain what will happen at the clinic (to make expectations clear and make things predictable for your child) 
  • Make the dental visit something to look forward to (e.g. tell your child that together you’ll visit the park after the dental check-up) 

The key here is to help your child feel safe and comfortable. The job becomes easier (and actually gets fun) with an experienced paediatric dentist who knows how to approach children and keep them calm during a dental check-up and treatment. 

If you’re looking for a professional who specialises in kids’ dentistry, book an appointment here today for your child. Our office has bright colours, child-friendly decor, iPads and arcade games so your child will feel comfortable first.