Children’s Orthodontics – Common Signs Children May Need Treatment


The oral development of children varies from individual to individual, and it is important that this is monitored from a young age in order to maintain good oral health throughout childhood and beyond. Orthodontics is a specialty practice which deals with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of misaligned teeth and jaws. As a parent you may not be aware of the typical signs that your child may need orthodontic treatment, so in this post we will share a few of the most common indicators.


If you notice any of the below signs in your child, they could indicate a need for braces or other orthodontic treatment.

  • Abnormally shaped jaw – if your child’s jaw seems to be disproportioned or small, they may develop issues with their bite over time.
  • Protruding/Overcrowded Teeth – this can cause issues with the eruption of permanent teeth, and the risk of gum disease and abnormal wear is also increased.
  • Large Gaps between Teeth – it is normal for children to have gaps between the primary teeth, but they are usually filled once the permanent teeth come in. If you continue to notice gaps after baby teeth have fallen out, orthodontic treatment may be necessary.
  • Losing Baby Teeth Prematurely – this could be due to cavities (decay) or trauma.
  • Chewing Issues – if your child has problems chewing food, there may be an issue with their teeth and jaw alignment.


It is important that your child develops a healthy attitude towards oral hygiene from a young age, and this is supported by regular visits to the dentist. At Specialist Kids Dentist we would recommend that all children have an orthodontic evaluation between 7-10 years of age, as this will make the treatment process for any problems straightforward and reduce the risk of complications. As part of your child’s first consultation visit and at regular checkup visits our Specialists will routinely carry out an orthodontic evaluation.

Children between the age of 7-10 will normally have a combination of adult and baby teeth, and we will be able to take note of any potential issues including misalignment of the jaw, crowding and overbite.

Early orthodontic treatment is important, and it is aimed at correcting any problems and reducing the need for extractions. In some cases we may need to wait until your child is older to carry out further treatment. Rest assured that your child is in safe hands at Specialist Kids Dentist, as we are Sydney’s leading paediatric dentistry.

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